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Julie  Von Kahle

Julie Von Kahle

Business Operations Manager - Northern California

Julie Von Kahle brings a fresh perspective of a ground-up approach to customer service, understanding that true success comes from five-star client care and efficient daily operations. Julie thrives in positions of being able to help people achieve happiness and accomplish their goals, both at work and home. When faced with stressful situations, Julie looks toward optimization and positive reframing to create a joyful and efficient result.

Julie came onto the Lincoln Financial team in 2013 and now serves as the Business Operations Manager for the Sacramento Lincoln Financial Office. She provides daily oversight support and management to on-sight, field, and broker staff. Julie has an extensive background in the arena of entrepreneurship, hospitality, technology, and start-ups. Having attended Sacramento State and studying business, Julie went on to start and manage several of her own small businesses in a wide variety of industries throughout her career.

In her home life, Julie spends most of her time investing in her home and family between gardening, home improvement projects, trying new recipes, and researching new and fun ways to live a healthy life. She enjoys devoting time to her family of her husband, mother, two kids, and dog. She’s always seeking new ways to bring health and happiness into her home and workplace.