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We have husbands, wives, children, and friends. We’re your neighbor and the person in line with you at your favorite coffee shop. We love travel and lunch breaks and laughter. We enjoy meeting new people and can’t wait to see you succeed. We’re used to helping “works in progress” and are adept at finding and filling gaps with exactly what you need.

We’re a phone call away or just down the hall. We’re texting you after the big meeting to see how it went or emailing you those documents following up our discussion. We’ve been there before and we’ll always be there for you.

We are prepared and plan on purpose.

We value planning, but are quick to adjust to change. We don’t think we know it all, even though, between our financial professionals, support staff, interns, leadership team, and national planning department, we probably do. We certainly know the most about serving first, last, and always.


Celeste Gurulé, CFP

Managing Director/Vice President, Participant Engagement



Celeste has served our organization in every way, navigating the waves of change from many different roles. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Economics,...

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Adam Figura, CRPC®

Regional Director, Central


Adam is an unstoppable driver with a determined focus on what needs to be accomplished. His passion and conviction are palpable to all he interacts with.

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Anne Shiembob

AVP, Regional Director - Eastern Region


Anne brings a "get -stuff-done" attitude to the East region of the country with an unstoppable tenacity and determination to improve. Her introduction to Lincoln through the Leadership Preparation Program exposed her to many...

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Brandi Stahl CFP®, CRPC®

AVP, Regional Director - CFB and FPG West Region


Brandi embodies the FPG philosophy, culture, commitment to excellence and high standards that has served our organization well for many years. In addition, Brandi brings 20 years of industry experience to our FPG Leadership team. As a...

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Alejandro Jerez

Director of New and Apprentice Financial Professionals



Alejandro M. Jerez leads the Miami office for Heritage Financial Consultants, LLC and runs his own Financial Planning & Investment Advisory practice. He is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and has obtained the...

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Rainier Ray

Practice Acquisition and Recruiting Director



It only takes one conversation with Rainier for you to feel his passionate advocacy for the individual financial professional, their clients, and their success at Lincoln. Rainier captures the heart of Lincoln Financial Group as he...

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Shasta Hague

Consultant, Practice Management Specialist - FPG

(916) 868-3918

Shasta Hague serves as Practice Management Specialist for California Fringe Benefit. Shasta has learned her craft from the ground up.

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Lindsay Clifford began her career with Lincoln in July 2000. She has been in various roles during her 19-year tenure including Manager of the Retail Contracting and Compensation areas and Relationship Manager and Senior Consultant for...

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Rosa Arana

Business Operations Manager – Southern California


Rosa is a life-long learner and earnestly interested in helping others acquire knowledge as they grow. Her passion for interpreting information and helping to get the message across to others is apparent. Her ability to navigate the...

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Julie Von Kahle

Business Operations Manager - Northern California


Julie Von Kahle brings a fresh perspective of a ground-up approach to customer service, understanding that true success comes from five-star client care and efficient daily operations.

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Maxwell Letarte

Director of Financial Professional Training Program


Maxwell Letarte believes that acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. He has always had a passion for recruiting and developing individuals to help achieve their full potential. Most of his professional career...

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Alanah Phillips

Director of Recruiting, West Region



Alanah Egan joined Lincoln Financial Advisors 4 years ago supporting their intern and advisor recruiting efforts nationwide. During that time, she has spearheaded the hiring, coaching and development of the next generation of advisors...

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