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Why Lincoln

What makes our organization so different?

On the surface we’re not so different than the other options in front of you. You have the choice to work almost anywhere. Other companies have great people, visions, values, and benefits. Other companies have great products and processes.

So, why would you join Lincoln?


  • You want to walk down the hall and ask a successful business man his secrets and have him share them willingly
  • Other financial professionals and staff will always celebrate your wins with you
  • You’re a laugh loving, good ol’ fashioned fun kind of person and you want to work with people who think the way you do
  • This is a relationship business that happens to provide financial services , and you really care about people


  • Borrowing confidence from someone else while you build your own is unexpected
  • Having someone to bring in on cases that go beyond your knowledge base is invaluable
  • Sometimes you need a listening ear or some simple commendation
  • You need a coach that has done this many, many times before 

Market Access

  • You need a little bit more than a phone book and a prayer
  • Warm leads, that already love Lincoln mean you're half way there
  • Hitting the ground running on day one, because you already know where to go
  • You thrive on an opportunity to build relationships and connect with people that really need your help and expertise

Open Architecture

  • You don't want to be tied to one product or pre-prescribed solutions
  • A transactional, sales person is not who you are
  • You need a little freedom

Resources in every area of expertise

  • You want to learn more about estate planning, investments, social security and pension strategies
  • Plan experts are just a phone call away, and they know you by name
  • You’re past the days of yellow legal pads and need a CRM that holds all the valuable information about your clients that’s in your head
  • You have questions about forms and processes, and we have the answers, and friendly “hello”’s
  • You're building a business and you know nothing about staffing