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Products and Services

Open Architecture

To truly give our financial professionals control of their businesses every step of the way, we are committed to delivering open architecture to give you access to products and services from an assortment of highly rated and recognized companies.  

Plus, you can access our Lincoln Suite of products that are recognized across the industry. Product training is available through Virtual University and our internal and external wholesalers.  


Life Insurance and Long Term Care

Taking care of your family and protecting them from unforeseen events should be an important part of any long-term financial plan. We recognize the important role life insurance can play in protecting not just your assets, but also your family. To help secure what matters most to you, we offer a range of solutions that provide choice, flexibility and coverage options:

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We offer three types of fixed annuities:

  • Traditional fixed annuities offer a predictable return 
  • Income annuities provide current and future income
  • Fixed indexed annuities offer growth potential and a living benefit

Variable Annuity 

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Advisory Services

A variety of advisory programs and services are also available to IARs, such as:

  • IRA-directed accounts
  • Mutual fund wrap programs
  • ETF wrap programs
  • Separate accounts
  • Unified managed accounts

Investment Management

Our financial professionals help manage and match your investment strategy to meet your risk tolerance

Education Funding

Help with understanding and utilizing 529 plans to save for your kids’ college expenses

Retirement Plan Services

Providing and servicing Lincoln 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans for plan sponsors and participants

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Coordinating, from a cross disciplinary basis, everything that needs to come together before, during, and beyond retirement