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Our Legacy

“This company has been successful because it had a vision, because it recognized it was only as good as its next great hire, because it believed in process, in client value, client service, because it didn’t chase easier, short-term ways of doing business… and because it was willing to change when things dictated so.

We, each year, for 24 out of 25 years, accepted Lincoln’s award for the top organization in the country, and we always talked about the same thing. The reason for our success was leadership. Leadership in equal amounts from four groups: new (energy, new ideas, enthusiasm), staff (providing a predictable environment to thrive), established (productivity, mentorship, profitability) and management (vision, leadership, accountability). Take away one of these cornerstones and buildings fall down."  -Nick Horn, Regional CEO Emeritus

Lincoln Financial Advisors- Lincoln Financial Professionals Division 

As an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Group, the Lincoln Financial Professionals Division of Lincoln Financial Advisors has a rich history. We have developed from just a few offices and about 20 associates working in the 403(b) and 457 marketplaces to 180 financial professionals in 91 offices focused on turning those participants into clients and providing comprehensive and holistic planning experiences.

We have survived many industry and company changes, and continue to focus on growth and movement toward our mission to innovate and change.