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Experienced Financial Professionals

Your commitment to your clients is too critical to go it alone. Gain the flexibility through Lincoln Financial Advisors to operate independently while leveraging the technology, education, practice management and marketing support necessary to effectively manage and grow your business. We’re here to reinforce your existing practice with you with our established infrastructure, proximity to like professionals, availability of field leadership, support staff, benefits, access to innovative sales and marketing systems, as well as other resources at your fingertips.

AFFILIATING WITH LINCOLN- Utilize our market access and mentorship to grow

Reinforced by a culture of independence, you have the freedom to build equity through your brand. Whether you want to run a fully independent practice or rely on us for more integrated broker-dealer services, our network gives you the backing to help manage, regulate and grow your practice. We are here to support you every step of the way. Our broker-dealer open product architecture and competitive compensation model offers you a wide array of technology, planning tools and support to help you continue growing your practice.

Core Affiliation

Competitive pay packages, access to Directors of Planning, Directors of Financial Advisory Services and other intellectual capital, along with occupancy and facilities, IT support, coaching, and health and retirement benefits.

GROWTH SUPPORT- Grow yourself, grow your business.

Whether you are looking to grow horizontally through a strong team, or vertically by bettering yourself, we are here to support your growth strategy. By providing the following resources you are able to Increase the capacity of your practice by keeping you in front of clients with a talented support team minding the rest. Create a consistently positive client experience and predictable and professional environment with your practice.


Choosing the right individuals for your team is a critical part of building a successful practice, and Lincoln will help you do so by offering:

  • Facilitated in-person training sessions to help you master staffing issues
  • Education highlighting the best staffing models for your practice
  • Tools, templates and resources to support you in recruiting and onboarding new staff


When properly applied, technology can make it a lot easier to manage your business and clients. Lincoln supports its financial professionals by providing access to industry-leading solutions, including:

  • A customized CRM experience tailored to our financial professionals and their needs
  • Retirement Income Illustrator ( RII) - a comprehensive illustration tool to show clients a detailed yet easy-to- understand view of their projected retirement income, expenses and preparedness
  • A variety of other helpful financial planning tools to use in meetings with participants


Succession planning may be stressful and difficult to address if not handled properly. To ensure that we’ve taken care of you, your business and your clients, Lincoln will provide you:

  • Death and disability contingency planning resources
  • Business valuation tools
  • Access to third party succession planning experts

Professional Development

  • Financial Professional Masters Series: Robust monthly, one-hour training sessions on various topics
  • Conferences: National Planning Forum (PEAK), Fall Focus and Annual FPG Sales Meeting
  • Regional Best Practice Session: Annual meeting with director and peers

RECOGNITION -Get rewarded for your hard work.

Financial Professionals who meet certain annual goals qualify for special trips across the world. Oh, the places you will go!