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Our Culture

The Responsibility of Love

“Producing leaders of character for the financial services industry”

Our Philosophy

Our firm’s mission is “the acquisition, support, and development of high quality people.” Everything we do should be measured against this overriding objective. Our people make the difference.

In supporting high quality people, the most important function we have is effective communication.

The “Golden Rule” is the benchmark of our relationships with our associates and clients.

High quality people want to work with an organization, not for an organization. Furthermore, they want to work with the best organization in their area. We have to treat people as “volunteers”, and we have to strive to be the best at what we do.

We believe we can overcome 90% of our mistakes by hiring a quantity of quality people, and responding to their needs.

We believe on-going professional development is paramount in our firm’s ability to execute our mission for the markets we serve.

We maintain a professional, high-energy, high integrity environment. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, insistence on quality and adherence to the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors.

We believe that discipline combined with entrepreneurial-ship leads to a great performance. Thus, we strive to create an atmosphere that fosters entrepreneurial- ship while at the same time stresses high expectations and standards of one another.

We forge comprehensive and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based upon a philosophy of serve first, last and always. Our client’s interests are always paramount.

We help our clients achieve a sense of security through the pursuit of their financial objectives by using a service led, needs analysis and holistic approach, which in most cases also require a team approach.

Our World Class Standards

Standards that set us apart and give us the edge. All of our financial professionals live and breathe by these standards:

  1. A Business Owner Mindset
  2. 100% Club Qualification
  3. Professional Development
  4. 5 Star Client Experience
  5. Financial Professional of the Future

*Philosophy initially established in 1981 for the Lincoln San Ramon Agency by Ted Santon and Nick Horn.