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And the Ted T. Santon Five Star Team Award Winner is...

This award recognizes the financial professional team who exemplifies our World-Class Standards and provides and exceptional five-star experience for the clients they serve. The winning team will earn a weekend getaway to a 5-star resort in their local region.

Annually many teams qualify for this prestigious award. From the qualifying teams, the award winning team is selected by completing a vigorous application process, followed by team panel interview. 

Findley Financial Group

On winning this award...

On winning this award...

Service to our clients is the illusive effort toward perfection.

We are very proud to have won the 2019 Ted T. Santon 5 Star Team Award. We embody both, quality service and quality financial planning. Our focus on constantly striving to be better, is critical to our growth as a practice. A quote from Theodore Roosevelt is vital to our operation, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

We also understand that great service is incredibly important to our future. Over the years, our effort has required us, as a team and practice, to overcome the trials of building a solid organization. Through the years of effort required, coupled with the trials and tribulations we have overcome to achieve this success, have allowed us to individually value each client. We encompass a common understanding, “it takes months to find a customer…seconds to lose one”, best quoted by Vince Lombardi.

If we focus on staying in touch with our clients and connecting in various ways, we will continue to be a desirable partnering firm for all of them.

Remembering to build a great service model for all levels of clients will move us toward our vision of complete and unsurpassed service!


Findley Financial Group

Internal Award disclosure: An internal award based on sales and good regulatory standing. The criteria for this award winner is based on preliminary qualifications, completion of an award application and an interview process.